PT. Surya Pertiwi is originally known as CV. Surya, which is a distributor for construction materials, focusing on sanitary products and accessories. Since 1968, we have been the exclusive agent for TOTO of Japan, covering the whole Indonesia archipelago. TOTO is the largest sanitary manufacturer in the world for over 30 years. Having achieved tremendous success in marketing TOTO products, we gained the respect of many other leading companies all over the world to market their products in Indonesia. Accepting the opportunities and challenges provided by such responsibilities, CV. Surya raised its status to PT. Surya Pertiwi in 1977.


To provide the most comprehensive bathroom product selection and the best quality customer services.


There are 4 philosophies that are the main driving forces for our company: Specialization, Professionalism, Customer Service & Customer Relations. PT. Surya Pertiwi strictly adheres to these philosophies, and it has guided us to becoming the biggest distributor of sanitary and kitchen products in Indonesia since our inception 20 years ago.


Being the leading sanitary distributor in Indonesia, we are continuing to improve by providing the most technologically advanced products, the best in product quality and product variety, and the most creative innovation in product design.

Besides providing quality products, PT. Surya Pertiwi is the only sanitary company in Indonesia that can achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction by having the best customer service program that is second to none in Indonesia.

We provide professional sales teams that provide consultation services, lifetime after-sales service that is unmatched by any other Indonesian sanitary companies, and the most extensive and comprehensive distribution network in Indonesia, which includes over 1,000 dealers throughout Indonesia.


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