About US

For over 80 years, we’ve been committed to producing superbly designed, high performance products. We go beyond simply providing you with attractive products in various colors. We focus on creating products with consistent, exceptional performance and design.

TOTO is the largest toilet manufacturer in the world, producing more than 7 million toilets annually. With over 1,500 engineers on staff, we’re an industry leader in performance, technology, and innovation. In order to meet our growing demand, we have constructed two US manufacturing plants to produce our complete line of bathroom fixtures.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Morrow, GA is outfitted with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. From our molding process to the finishing touches, our products are constructed and fine-tuned with computer precision. But we also feel that certain stages in the process demand the human touch. And that’s where our professionally trained personnel come in to inspect products that we sell. Ensuring you receive quality bathroom fixtures you can rely on.

Our success demands an ongoing pursuit of perfection. It’s a pursuit that pushes us beyond industry standards. A pursuit that drives us to become the one of the most decorated toilet manufacturers in the world. It is quite simply, the passionate pursuit of perfection.

Nearly a century of experience. An industry leader offering performance, technology, and innovation. Perfect balance in form and function. This is what you should expect from your bathroom fixtures. This is TOTO. Perfection by design.

TimeLine of TOTO

TOTO USA introduces SanaGloss super smooth, ion barrier glazing and the Chloe Washlet.

TOTO introduces G-Max and UniFit Rough-in technology, continues to expand the sales force, and opens a third satellite office in New York City.

TOTO launches a new residential one piece toilet line and a multi-million dollar consumer ad campaign. Sales force triples. Two new products, the Ultimate (CST854) and Carusoe (CST713), are awarded Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy” awards.

TOTO establishes TOTO Morrow, an advanced pressure-casting plant in Georgia. TOTO USA, INC. relocates corporate headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia.

TOTO USA introduces Zoë Washlet. TOTO (China) Co. LTD. is established as a regional headquarters to coordinate sales and manufacturing activation in China.

Beijing TOTO Co., LTD., a joint water company, is established in China.

Establishes TOTO Industries-Lakewood subsidiary in Georgia. TOTO opens R & D Center at the Chigasaki Plant.

TOTO establishes TOTO KIKI USA, INC., sales subsidiary. TOTO Ltd. Introduces 1.6 gpf toilet & sensor-operated faucets and valves.

TOTO acquires a share in Bulthaup GmbH & Co. Awarded the Demming prize for total quality control. TOTO’s largest showroom, “TOTO Super Space” is opened in Tokyo.

The Taiwan TOTO Co. Ltd. – Taiwan joint venture is established.

TOTO establishes joint ventures; Kelim TOTO Co., Ltd. in Korea and The Siam Sanitary Fittings Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

TOTO acquires a share in Siam Sanitaryware Co. Ltd. in Thailand.

TOTO establishes first overseas showroom in Hong Kong. Acquires a share in Allia S. A., a leading French sanitary-ware manufacturer.

The Royal TOTO Metal Co. Ltd. in Korea joint venture is established.

1977 The P. T. Surya TOTO in Indonesia joint venture is established.

The TOTO Ginza Pavilion showroom is constructed in Tokyo.

TOTO develops “Aqua-Electronics” for use in Washlet toilets & sensor-operated faucets and flush valves. Also begins manufacturing cast iron bathtubs

1958 TOTO begins manufacturing FRP bathtubs

1946 TOTO begins manufacturing faucets and metal fittings

1937 TOTO begins manufacturing sanitary ware at Chigasaki Plant

1920 TOTO builds Japan’s first “tunnel kiln”

1917 TOTO Ltd. established as Japan’s first producer of vitreous china sanitary ware


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